I like having it attach to the leash, one less thing to think about when I am going for a walk with my dogs.

Ellen / Tampa

Perfect for the quick out the door, love having it attached to the leash.

Amy / Chicago

OMG it is so cute

Olivia / Bolingbrook

I just received the bags and I love them! Thanks for getting them here so quickly. I’ll recommend them to the dog people I know. Thanks!

Hayley / Canada

I got one as a gift, really convenient for a city dweller

Marla / New York

I received this as a gift and like it more than I thought.

Lisa / Mt. Prospect

I love it ! Very well made, clean lines, handy, convenient, cute, stylish and on and on

Becky / California

I love this product so much! It was exactly what I was looking for. Before, I would just not bring my phone, keys, ID, etc. but now I feel safe knowing I have everything since it is so convenient. I even hook my pepper spray to it as well. Very durable, great price and it is not bulky. I barely notice it is there! Wonderful product!

Shaina / Las Vegas

Received and used my DawggieGoPak today! No more bulging pockets or fanny Pak! The DawggieGoPak is just what my cockapoo, Sophie and I needed! Thanks!

Becky / Georgia

The DawggieGoPak’s are awesome. I take my Border Collie running in the park and hated leaving my wallet in the car locked but unattended, now I just put my drivers license, some cash, my debit card a poop bag and my keys in the pack and hook it to Brody’s leash and we are good to go!! Thanks so much for offering this convenient product:)

Lisa / Hudson

This is by far the nicest dog product on the market! I just got my Dawggie Go Pak in the mail and have to rave about it! Having just purchased a coach wristlet at the outlet store as a soulution to a carryall when out with the dogs, I am kicking myself because this product outshines the coach wristlet in its fashion, durability, how well made it is and how much thought was put in to the pouches and useful compartments that actually are functional. It is beautiful too! Walking dogs everday as I do, I have been searching for the perfect soulution and cannot say enough about how exceptional this product is. Cannot wait to get one for each of my clients!

Rose / Hampton, NH

We had never had a dog before. When we got our dog, we struggled with walks. We would tie a couple of waste bags around the leash and set out. We quickly learned that was not the best way. We searched high and low and came across the Dawggie GoPak. We bought 2 and the rest is history. This is a well-made, well-thought out product and we cannot recommend it enough!

Purnima / Tampa, Florida